A Little About Me

Hi, I am Max Espinoza! I'm a recent grad with a passion for working on development teams to create new and exciting products and services. I graduated with my Masters Degree in C.S. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute this May and I'm currently interning at ViaSat in Quincy, MA. I've been fortunate enough to work with diverse groups of people on interesting and challenging problems throughout my undergraduate and graduate career.

Currently, at ViaSat I'm employing data science techniques for the extraction of meaningful insight from large-scale internet browsing data. Moreover, a small group of interns and I are developing algorithms to improve internet browsing performance using newly acquired insight.

Previously, I worked with Dr. Barbara Cutler in the Graphics Group at RPI to develop an online architectural sketching interface for daylighting simulation I started the online interface as part of my thesis and later spearheaded the implementation of the interface with our graphics research group. The architectural sketching interface can be viewed here at: https://oasis.cs.rpi.edu

Other, non-technical interests I have includes: world history, the Foundation series, finding new ways to organize myself, Moleskin notebooks, pens/pencils, and coffee.

My resume can viewed here.

Get In Touch

max.j.espinoza at gmail dot com